Jake Long

Jake Long has taught students the guitar since 2000. He studied music at the University of Southern California and is a successful songwriter.  His new studio album is being mixed by the same engineer as Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy” and features Rascal Flatts drummer Jim Riley among others.
He works full time writing music and giving guitar lessons in the DFW area.
His successful teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and creating a passionate writing style.
Kim Wright, whose daughter took lessons from Jake, has said:
“My daughter, age 13, has taken guitar lessons from Jake for the past 3+ years and loves it! Jake is wonderfully talented at working with kids of all age levels. He’s able to mix the right amount of musical education, inspiration and goal setting to make lessons and practice fun and fulfilling. His bi-annual Coffee Shop Jam collaborative performances have been incredibly fun for her. Not only have the events inspired her to start writing her own songs, but she has gained so much confidence performing on stage with her teachers and peers. I know this experience will help her in other areas of her life. If you are looking for an experienced musician who is also an amazing teacher for kids and adults of all ages, Jake is the right fit for you!”