Jordan-Azriel Dubose-Russell

Azriel is a lover of music. He is from New Hyde Park, NY where he was born, and than moved to Burlington, N.C. There he earned a minor in Music, and his Major was Business Marketing with an Associate in Arts. After achieving his Bachelors, he will complete his Masters.

Azriel started tutoring to let people have a fun learning experience. He has taught kids from 3 to over 30. There are different developmental stages for kids from 3-18. His style stems from how he learned and what was fun for himself at those developmental stages in life.

For New Years, he moved out here to the beautiful county of San Diego. Since he was a kid he was always humming a tune or making a melody of whatever he could find close to him. In the marching band, he played the xylophone, tenor drum, snare drum, bass, quads & the cymbals. He had a very musically inclined ear and always listened to what can be added to make a song or cadence more rhythmic. In his teenage years he learned of his vocal talent and begun to explore training his voice. He listened to all genres from Pop, rock, country, R& B, jazz, electronic, hip hop & so much more, just to become familiar with the use of sounds. Another thing he paid attention to was lyrical content, because he believes the best musicians know how to fit meaningful lyrics in the perfect rhythmic location. Now he is looking forward to teaching musicians-to-be how to use their voice and have fun doing so.