Esho Matti

Esho Matti comes from Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization, in the Middle East to the Metropolis of the Mid West, Chicago, with a repertoire of music ancient and modern. He began playing the maqamat (ancient melodic modes and scales) on the ‘Oud, and has continued for twenty years now at the Old Town School of Music, North Shore Center for Performing Arts, the Oakton Community College Strings Ensemble and other venues, including charity benefits. He soon took up study, on the piano and violin, of Western Classical Music, and in America added contemporary Composition at Columbia College, from which he earned a major in Music Composition and arranged and composed music with the New Music Ensemble of Columbia College. He has decades of experience teaching private and group lessons in vocal instruction, piano and violin for beginners, ‘Oud playing at all levels, musical composition and solfeggio instruction—professional, friendly, easy going but through, instruction for all ages.