Joseph Mesisca

Joe Mesisca is a SoCal Native Guitarist, Multi Instrumentalist and Culinarian. Joe began formally studying music and theory first on the piano as an adolescent but wasn’t content as a pianist. It was at the age of 11 when his childhood best friend and neighbor got a Joe Perry (Aerosmith) inspired Black top Les Paul and was from that moment consumed by the allure of guitars and the ability to be mobile and express oneself through such a versatile and attractive instrument. After a few lessons throughout SoCal, Joe was introduced to Mr. Adam Castillo, a musician with a depth of insight into art, it’s sociological relevancy and a Master Degree graduate from USC Studio Jazz Guitar. Throughout his teens,  Joe performed in many bands, weekly church worship services and performed the national anthem at his high schools homecoming football game his senior year as an instrumental guitarist. Joe studied under the instruction of Mr. Castillo until he left SoCal upon graduating high school to attend the University of California- Santa Barbara Classical Guitar program. While at UCSB, Joe formed a Jazz Fusion band with some of the most talented musicians from the Santa Barbara, Isla Vista area. The band performed throughout Santa Barbara area at many high profile occasions from 95-97. Joe then pursued any opportunity to write, record, compose, arrange and perform with vocalists and musicians spanning genres from country, blues, jazz, rock, metal, hip hop, lending his talents whenever an opportunity arrived. Joe has worked with many well known artists and bands. In 2010, Joe Co-founded the country fried rock band, Foothill Billy Band. The band released a full length album and the single “If You Couldn’t Say Goodbye” is still available on Spotify with all proceeds going to St Jude’s Children’s hospital. The band was set for a national tour but was put on hold due to the tragic loss of co tour headliner Howie Vaughn (singer, songwriter, friend) of The Coldwater Canyon band. Joe has most recently been finally focusing on the recording and marketing for his first project based on a large body of solo material that has manifested while collaborating with the many talents over the years. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements in regard to release and performances in support of Joe’s next project!