Brooke Richey

With a degree from Seattle Pacific University in music composition, Brooke has been a musician the majority of her life. Her instruments of study include voice, trumpet, guitar, piano, and cello. While voice is her primary instrument where she carries the most skill, her studies in composition have led her to continuous curiosity of other instruments and music practices. She has studied the disciplines of music directing, worship leading, instrumental and choral conducting, instruction, as well as performance. Brooke first debuted some of her compositional projects in concert in March 2018 and first debuted as a conductor in summer 2019, where she conducted the rondeau of Mozart’s 4th violin concerto. Currently, Brooke is working on producing her first full-length album in the Indie-Acoustic-Rock genre.

When it comes to teaching and instruction, Brooke takes the approach of creation, which could be coined as, “Let’s create together.” Her drive in this comes from a desire to help others find their voices. She sees that there is no way to discover one’s voice when an instructor is overtly managing the skillset of their student. Brooke strives to establish a partnership in the student-instructor dynamic so that her students can truly thrive in their artistic practice. When Brooke is not creating music, she enjoys rock climbing, running, soccer, and good food and company with friends—all elements, which allow her artistry to breathe, be buoyant and continue with ease.