Elliot Ramsey

Born into a musical family, Elliot Ramsey has been performing and studying music most of his life. Reaching deepest into the study of string instruments, and has been taught by renowned players here in San Diego and Los Angeles. He is proficient in all stringed instruments, Piano, Woodwind instruments (Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe ) Elliot has managed a local music store and has instructed in many schools/ music educational programs and has many connections in local classrooms.

As a performer he has played with world class acts and has played stages such as Kaboo, 91x Fest, House of Blues and many others in San Diego and L.A. Growing up in San Diego provided him with a wide variety of musical genres to study including latin styles and afro cuban music ( Salsas, Rhumbas, son montunos), Jazz, Rockabilly, Classical, Theatrical, Folk, Rock and Roll music, Ska/Reggae Music, Hip-hop and many of the Subgenres of electronic music. Recording and Software knowledge is essential in this age and Elliot has a great deal of hours on mixing and recording.
Teaching is a joy to him and has taught any and all people from ages 4-80. Specializing in auditions and personal growth he will be sure to help make your student shine!