Dixon Stovall

Dixon Stovall, based out of Austin, Tx, grew up in Wichita Falls, TX, where he began playing guitar, both classical and experimental/jazz, as well as working with choirs and helping with recording/production during his undergraduate years. Currently, Dixon is a part of Austin-based duo Terrarium (Collective), writing and performing all original compositions, consisting of unique sound design, live instrumentation (guitar, bass, and keyboard), and lush synth soundscapes. Dixon also has a solo project writing and designing sound, as well as working out of his studio in Austin, to assist clients with mixing/mastering projects. He also teaches private guitar/production lessons, as well as composes classical guitar compositions. Dixon has performed in Master Classes with guitarist Bruce Canafax, Susan Harvey, PhD (choral), and Dale Heidebrecht, (choral) PhD. As a dual study in Psychology and Music Performance (guitar, classical), Dixon holds a Bachelor of Arts from Midwestern State University. With 5+ years of
teaching from studios and privately, a broad range of styles, and an interpersonal approach, Dixon teaches all ages and creates an open environment for students to be themselves and learn at a comfortable pace.