Rachel Mascardo

Rachel is from the heart of Texas, Austin! She is originally from Houston where she grew up playing classical piano with a private teacher since the age of 9. She played in numerous recitals of all types growing up. Rachel is now apart of local bands in Austin including Modern Medicine and The Juniper Berries. She is also currently writing songs of her own along with occasional covers and local solo performances. Rachel’s mother was her first influence. Her mother played organ for churches and weddings and passed along the talent. Rachel studied with two private teachers growing up in her neighborhood. They taught her piano theory along with genres like classical, jazz, rag time, pop and more. Rachel has gone on to teach herself guitar as well as singing. Rachel graduated from St. Edward’s University with a Bachelors degree in Photocommunications. While attending college she made sure to keep her piano skills up to par and joined the jazz band on campus along with a local band in Austin. Rachel has had about 1 years of experience teaching piano lessons. She has taught children professionally and enjoys showing her older friends a thing or two! Rachel believes in hard work and theory but also loves making learning fun. Rachel has many passions in life outside of music including photography and currently learning American Sign Language!