Ai Nguyen

Ai Nguyen was born in Vietnam where she began studying and playing classical music at age ten. She moved to the US at age eighteen, continue her college degree, and graduated with honor in piano performance at Georgia Peremeter College and Kennesaw State University. She also got her Master Degree in Christian Education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has a great passion for God and music. In 2016, Ai was selected to present the topic in Piano
Pedagogy at Piano Symposium in South Carolina. She was also the member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. In 2014, she was playing in the concert wind and percussion ensemble and Jazz Band at Georgia Perimeter College. She has been teaching piano over eleven years at her own studio as well as at Ethnic Group Academy in Fort Worth and Community Music Centers of Atlanta. She has a lot of patience and love for her student to help them not only
learn music but enjoy playing music. She had been playing piano at many different church before and currently is a pianist at Vietnamese Baptist Church of Fort Worth. Ai enjoys living in Hurst, TX with her husband, Si Nguyen, and their wonderful new born son, Allen Nguyen.