Jeff Little

Jeff Little is a multi-instrumentalist with a concentration in guitar. He has been a life long guitar player since he was 8 years old.
Jeff has a degree with a double major in voice and composition. He started out training in classical guitar for a few years and finished his degree later in life.  Jeff is fluent in playing and improvising many different styles such as rock, fusion-jazz and country.
He started a professional recording studio with a business partner some years ago in Fort Worth and eventually built up his home studio.   Jeff has the skills to teach many aspects of a recording studio also. Transcribing music is also a love of his. Jeff has also played in top 40 type of bands and also large church worship bands. He feels comfortable teaching guitar, bass and beginning-drums and piano to all age groups.

Jeff believes that learning  music theory is important, but does not push that belief on anyone wishing to learn an instrument from him. He understands that some people just want to learn an instrument for enjoyment. He also appreciates and is willing to help a willing student go further into the music theory side of learning an instrument, as he feels that musical training and knowledge can be the key ingredients to further grasp an instrument and progress in music at a deeper level.