Dong Hoang

Dong Hoang was raised in Viet Nam, where he started learning to play the keyboard when he was as young as a 6 year-old boy. The passion of music kept growing on him, so that he decided to learn another instrument, which is violin. He’d been taught by one of the best teachers from Hanoi Conservatory of Music (best music college in Viet Nam) for 7 years before coming to the United States. He attended high school in Chicago. He took music class again, and he was honorably to be the first violinist who represented the school to compete in a quartet event with other high schools. Since the day he came to the United States, he’s been volunteering to play music for church every Sunday. That’s where he got his first students. He’s been teaching kids and adults to play piano and violin for over 3 years now. “I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times”. This is one of the quotes
from Bruce Lee that he is using as his teaching philosophy and also for himself. He prefers to play music 20 minutes a day everyday rather than play 2 hours a day but only once a week. He also teaches his students that no matter how busy they are, try to make at least 10 minutes a day to play something. He also has his YouTube channel that he shares his music with the world.