Chandler Poché

Chandler Poché was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he spent the first 22 years of his life. He started private piano lessons at the age of six under Tracy Taylor and continued until the age of twelve, when other interests took priority. At age thirteen, he auditioned for the Baton Rouge Magnet High School choral program led by Robbie Giroir and soon fell in love with singing harmonies with his new choir family, re-teaching himself piano along the way. As a chorister and bass section leader, he traveled to Italy and Ireland his sophomore and senior years, respectively, where he experienced some of his greatest feelings of joy and fulfillment. He went on to attend Louisiana State University, majoring in Music Education with a concentration in Voice, participating in the LSU Men’s Tiger Glee chorus and the LSU A Cappella choir while also taking voice lessons under the tutelage of Terry Patrick-Harris and Charles Anthony Moore. He recently was a student teacher at the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge, assisting in teaching musical theater, music theory, music & faith, and choir. He sang as a bass section leader for St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge before moving to Dallas to seek out various opportunities, landing a job as an assistant store manager at the Barnes & Noble College bookstore at Dallas Baptist University.