Sara Zare Ranjbar

Sara Zare was born in a family with musical interests in Iran. Growing up, she would always listen to her father sing semi-professionally and she developed an interest in Persian classical music. In high school, she was encouraged and eventually participated in multiple performance ensembles and decided to take up voice lessons to better her singing ability. While participating in these classes, many opportunities became available to her and she was able to join more advanced and professional ensembles. As she became more involved in these performances, her instructors took an especial interest in her and she was afforded more advanced roles in various ensembles. With the encouragements from her instructors and a very clear visceral desire within, she decided to pursue singing more professionally and enter an academic voice program. Due to the ban on female singing in her country, she decided to apply to study abroad. She was admitted into the Vocal Performance program at Georgia state University and graduated in spring 2018. She had a great experience joining the GSU Opera Theatre along with many other valuable experiences she has gained throughout the four years. She also graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Master of Liberal Arts and has been with The School of Rock since January 2020.