Nicholas Juarez

Nicholas Juarez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. From the time he was about five years old, he always showed an interest in music, especially with the piano. His father, who is a piano teacher, has taught him how to play for most of his life and is a big inspiration for his musical journey. He also showed an interest in guitar at the age of thirteen where he started taking lessons and later started teaching himself. Currently, he is looking to share his knowledge and love of music to those who wish to pursue the same dream he has. He has graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in music with a concentration in keyboard at Texas State University. He has taught a few students over the past couple of years and is looking to gain more experience in his teaching journey. He is open to teaching beginner piano and guitar of all ages wanting to learn how to play these instruments. He believes that learning any kind of instrument should be a fun experience that helps the student escape into the world of music. Nicholas also loves to spend time with his girlfriend, Alexia, and their cat, Penelope.