Steve Hayes

Steve’s goal is to provide a space where students are allowed to be creative while have fun learning music. Steve has helped beginners find their way on piano for almost 10 years, specializing in the genres of Popular Music & R&B.
Steve specializes in encouraging students to learn their favorite pop songs, from three blind mice to rolling in the deep. Steve believes that music and music theory can be learned and experienced in modern ways and formats that are neither boring nor over 100 years old. Steve also believes that children can learn their favorite tunes while incorporating these modern learning methods which may inspire them to further explore what is possible for them in music or any other field they choose to pursue. Learning music can be fun and rewarding.
Steve  wholeheartedly encourages students to explore their potential and does not seek to limit their ideas or artistry in development. Steves journey in music began in high school where Steve was a second chair clarinetist as a freshman but managed to naturally teach himself piano and began composing songs. His teachers were quite impressed.  Due to his then burgeoning talent His art teacher suggested he enter the district songwriting contest where he placed third with his first composition ever.  Since that time Steve composed music at churches for choir,  composed and produced  and arranged two smooth jazz albums and one of his old dance compositions
during the house music era “I’m House” charted  number one on the dance floor chart in London.
Steve has performed at venues around the city with Ear Candy a noted spoken word ensemble and the Jazz matrix.
Currently, Steve  is a composer and music producer residing in Chicago, IL. Most recently, he has taught music classes and performed music with charter schools around the city of Chicago. Besides teaching, Steve persistently seeks opportunities to compose and produce music. Over the summer of 2020, He produced an edm single for an artist project. He is currently working on  music production and arrangements for a  private concert performance for an artist as well as teaching students.
In addition to encouraging children and teens  to reach for the stars in their musical aspirations, Steve enjoys  creating and producing  music in general and music for media for others. Steve loves many genres of music which  continuously influences  him and  attributes to his ever growing compositional span. Steve believes the joy of music is a life long endeavor and due to this fact Steve seeks to impart music in the hearts of children and teens as they grow. Steve studied music formally at Columbia College B.A, under the tutelage of Doug Lofsgtrom, songwriting and composing music for film and Louis Hall (jazz piano). Steve invites your child or teen to Explore, Learn, Create, Perform!