Michael Fox

Michael Fox is originally from Nashville Tennessee, and started violin when he was 5. He started out with Classical violin and the Suzuki method, but quickly branched out to also learn about Celtic, Old-Time, and bluegrass fiddling styles, as well as jazz and rock improvisation.  He has created music with hip-hop groups, a band fusing bluegrass and klezmer, an orchestra playing traditional Arabic music, gospel choirs, a cumbia and ranchero group, singer-songwriters, folk-punk groups, country bands, and a children’s music band. He’s earned a BA from Wheaton in Anthropology and an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies with an Applied Ethnomusicology emphasis.  In both playing and teaching, I seek to unleash the creativity and freedom and love of music present within everyone, and strive to be flexible and patient, doing whatever it takes to help you empower yourself.