Juan Luchini

Juan is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He’s a practiced and passionate musician, singer, music producer, and teacher. He has five years of experience as a performing and touring artist both in the US and Argentina, in addition to studying music composition and songwriting at Belmont University. Juan currently writes and record with a handful of local artists, and has a select handful of music producers that he collaborates with regularly on different projects. He’s been teaching private guitar, vocal, piano, and drum lessons with various schools and music studios for the past five years. Juan likes to work with his students on their specific needs/interests/desires as singers and musicians. He enjoys making the lessons catered to each student’s musical desires, so you will be choosing songs that YOU like singing and/or performing! Furthermore, many of you are in bands or looking to share your vocal/instrumental talents with the world, and Juan makes it his duty to help you bring out the best in you, because nobody can sing or play like you, and that’s what makes you unique and beautiful!