Jordan Knitter

Jordan Knitzer originates from the bustling pace of New York City, where he began playing guitar with dreams of the stage. As a musical theatre and pop/rock songwriter who learned guitar at the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University, Jordan has significant experience in composing, performing, and most importantly, jamming out. He is also a music director, academic tutor, and has worked with children, teens, and college students in both academic and musical settings.

From ear training to bar chords and beyond, Jordan’s prerogative is to help you be the best guitar player you can be. And while you’re perfecting those chords, notes and scales, we’ll learn some of your favorite songs from a variety of styles, all catered to the interest of the student. Whether you’re someone who wants to play a Jason Mraz song or a nasty Pink Floyd riff, Jordan is here to help you learn what you want to learn with a personalized curriculum just for you. Currently, Jordan is the lead singer and guitar player of his band, Stage Wombat Collective, in Portland, Oregon.