Kengo Fukunaga

Kengo Fukunaga was born in Torrance, CA, but is currently living in Fullerton where he is finishing up his jazz degree at CSUF. He started playing guitar at the age of 12 and received occasional lessons from his step father who first introduced him to the guitar. He is currently playing in a Jazz quartet, playing a variety of music from jazz standards to more contemporary styles like RandB and Rock. My main influences are famous jazz musicians including Guitarists like Jim Hall, Alan Holdsworth, Wes Montgomery among others. He is currently on his last year of schooling to receive his degree in Music with a focus on Jazz performance and Commercial Music. He has been teaching for two years, getting his start at Forte music academy in Garden Grove and eventually picking up another teaching job Masters of the MusicVerse. He teaches a wide range of styles and techniques, from jazz to rock to pop, and teaches in a way that ensures the student is having fun while also being challenged. He can be laid back and fun while teaching, but there is always a goal and objective in mind to see that the student is always growing. He dreams of one day making a living off of teaching, composing, and gigging.