Jill Bartee

Jill Bartee is originally from El Paso, Texas and now lives in the Houston, Texas area. She has been playing clarinet since she was twelve years old and saxophone soon after that. She is a member of Celestial Harmony. They perform for weddings and other special events. She played in a masterclass with Larry Combs who was the principal clarinetist of the Chicago Symphony. Jill has a Bachelor’s of Music Education degree for all levels of music. She had been a Clarinet/ Saxophone teacher for twenty-two years. In addition, she played with the El Paso Symphony for almost ten years. For seven of those years, she was also a band director. All levels of music is what she loves. Jill takes a student from where they are musically and progressively teaches them more and more difficult music to advance the student to where they want to be on their instrument!