Leisel Innes

Since the age of 5, Leisel has been playing the piano. She grew up in a very musical home with her mom as a piano teacher of sometimes up to 50 students. Needless to say, there was always music in her home and she formed a love at a young age. Leisel continued lessons even up until high school and then majored in Piano Performance at Eastern Arizona College in Arizona. She started teaching piano in high school and then continued off and on through college. In 2010, Leisel won a sholarship pageant with piano as her talent. She truly believes that piano set her apart from other contestants because it’s a harder talent to acquire and she was one of two that played. She has never once regretted taking piano and is very grateful for a mom who pushed her at a young age, even when she didn’t always want to. She didn’t always 100% love her teachers growing up but has definitely taken all the good she could from her education and applies it to her teaching. She said she’s learned what motivates kids with piano and what pushes them away. Mostly kids need to feel accepted right where they are at with piano, they need positive reinforcement and also some aspect of fun to look forward to with lessons. She has taught music in schools from grades k-2nd and absolutely loved it! One-on-one lesson with students she decided is more her style and that’s the route she has taken. Leisel minored in elementary education in college, most other jobs she’s had in her life involved kids and has lots of nieces and nephews she loves. She loves interacting with kids and most likely it’s because she a kid at heart herself!❤️ She’s excited to meet your children and help them grow into successful musicians.