Victoria Mardakov

Victoria Mardakov is a piano and vocal instructor, living in Orange county. She teaches students of all ages and all levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced). She has a Master’s Degree in Musical education. She graduated from a prestigious music school named by Solomia Krushelnitska in Ukraine (11 years of study) She then went on to study in Pedagogical University (majoring in piano/vocal/choral conducting, 6 years of study). She is multi-lingual in English, Russian, Ukrainian.

Victoria began taking lessons since she was 6 years old. She immigrated to USA from Ukraine in 2000. Since time of graduation from the University she began her career as a concert pianist/accompanist for different music instruments/vocalists/choirs and as a conductor of choirs as well. She has 25+ years of teaching experience. Besides private music lessons in her own studio in Bellevue, WA she worked in Highline Community College (Des Moines, WA) as a music tutor and piano accompanist for vocalists and choir in Music Department. She has held many performances in college as pianist and accompanist. After work at college she worked as a music teacher in Young Talents Music School (Sacramento, CA), Live Music Academy (Federal Way, WA), Music & Arts Center (Kent, WA) and Leviticus Music Center (Everett, WA). She moved to Irvine, CA in September of 2020 to live closer to her children, where she intends to continue her career as a music teacher.

Victoria is highly qualified specialist with a strong and positive personality. She has a real passion for teaching piano/vocals, and enjoys working with students of all ages and experience levels. Further more through her patience and endless enthusiasm, she is dedicated to nurturing their creativity and style at their own pace. She believes the purpose of creating music is to bring more happiness and beauty to the world.