Angelo Dibello

Angelo Dibello is an Italian American Drummer and Guitarist who has played in various projects as a band member, session musician, sideman and leader of his own bands. He’s also an experienced music teacher who has taught Guitar and Drums for more than 13 years. Angelo is also a singer/songwriter, a music producer and a multi-instrumentalist player. He spent seven years learning the music composition, audio engineering and performing live. Graduated in Master Guitar in Milan, Italy in 2004. He has worked as music composer for Dolce & Gabbana making original soudtracks for their website during the fashion week seasons from 2010-2013 in Milan, Italy. His main activity nowadays is teaching music and playing drums live and in studio covering a vaste range of music genres from Jazz to Heavy Metal. Angelo is currently studying with world class drummer Chad Wackerman (Zappa, James Taylor, Barba Streisand, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Albert Lee, Andy Summer and more).