Edgar Bolivar

Edgar Bolivar was born in the pueblo of Tultitlan, Mexico, but was raised mainly in Orange County for the majority of his life. During his formative years, he played the saxophone for his school band and acoustic guitar for his own personal expression. Currently, he’s a music producer and audio engineer at remote studios across Los Angeles County and Orange County and his own personal studio. Edgar has worked with multiple artists in and out of the studio and is self-taught in multiple instruments such as the electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and ukulele, while being expertly taught drums, voice, and piano at Fullerton College. Edgar currently has a Music Production and Audio Engineering certificate from Fullerton College with a User Certification in the DAW, Avid Pro Tools, specializing in Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B. He, from an early age, has been esteemed as a natural teacher by various teachers and students alike and has been officially instructing for the last two years. As an instructor, Edgar is laid-back, yet structured, always working with his student’s pace of learning. During his spare time, he loves to exercise, spend time with his loved ones, and live life with as much laughter as he can!