Brandon Wall

Brandon Wall is a Guitar Player/Instructor/Composer/Songwriter from South Gate,CA, who has been playing guitar since the summer of 2001.Initially diagnosed with a Special Learning Disability, Brandon found music at an early age and picked up guitar when he was 12. Brandon Wall is currently a founding member, principal songwriter and lead Guitar player of Mobb Hotel. Initially taking music lessons, he picked up his ear training by listening to his musical influences spanning a wide variety from Black Sabbath to Robert Johnson, Wu Tang Clan to Pantera, Parliament to Dr. Dre to Van Halen. After a few years of formal training and graduating East Los Angeles College and studying music, Brandon has been a student and student instructor at Jazz Hands For Autism since 2018, where he currently studies music production for film and TV scores as well as music theory and guitar. Brandon has scored the theme music to the YouTube series, “What The Heck Is That”?! and incidental music for the YouTube Series “Team Brandi”. Diverse in different forms of music (Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, etc.) and both laid back, chill and patient instructor, Brandon taught both Junior and High School students with different spectrums of Autism to grown adults and kids.