Alena Bystritskiy

Alena was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and took up harp and piano at  the age of six. She studied with Professor Marion Hofmann at the University of Music and Theater Rostock in Germany. She has won major prizes at major competitions such as 2007 ” Verband der Harfenisten in Deuscthland e.V.”, 2007 the Franz Josef Reinl competition, and 2005 the “Deutsche Bahn” competition. Alena has performed with orchestras such as the Berliner Symphoniker Orchestra, RBB Symphony Orchestra, The North German Philhamonic Orchestra, Neubrandenburg Philharmonia Orchestra, and Goettingen Symphonia Orchestra.

Alena discovered a passion for working with children and since 2008 she has taught at public music schools in Berlin and New York (Piano, Harp and early music education). In 2018 she has moved to Austin and continued working with kids by offering private lessons. Alena says that “m usic has been a significant part of my life since I was 5 years old and this is why the music is always in me – when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I dream, and my biggest dream is to bring music closer to the kids so that it could help them learn about themselves and open the world around. Every child will be able to find something personal in music yet by doing that he’ll be able to understand millions of other people because they will all speak the same language – language of music.”

Alena is a mom to two young kids and teaches primarily in the Circle C community of Austin.