Mario Garcia

This coffee loving rocker is Mario Garcia. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Mario moved to Austin Texas with his wife to expand their music careers. With over 12 years of musical experience, Garcia has played in a variety of settings from Jazz, Worship bands, rock/metal bands, and many others. His primary instruments are guitar, drums, and bass but he enjoys playing keys as well. Some of his influences include Tim Henson, Mario Camarena, and Travis Barker. Garcia attended SCCC as a music major and plans to continue his education in Austin. Mario has grown a passion for teaching all ages in recent years and believes learning can be fun and exciting. Garcia has done away with cookie cutter-type lessons and makes sure each student’s individual goals and learning styles are catered to. He uses creative and fun methods to keep his students excited for music and eager to keep playing. Buy him coffee for his birthday and you’ll be his best friend.