Darlene Nguyen

With a passion for teaching music, Darlene strives to guide her students in every step toward their piano journey. She instills the love of music in every lesson and provides an engaging learning atmosphere. Darlene is a strong believer in technology: game-based learning creates a unique experience for students to learn music theory. Accompanied with ear training and physical techniques, she believes her curriculum actively reinforces musical comprehension while making the experience entertaining for all.

Darlene attended UHD and currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education. She performed as a pianist for the Jazz and Steel Ensemble at LoneStar College. She is also a solo pianist and keyboardist in Our Lady of Lavang Church. She held more than 10 years of experience teaching and working with children of all ages, starting from 3 and a half years old. With her creativity and sweet-loving personality, she will be the best teacher for all students out there, especially young children.