Skylar Koelbel

Skylar began her music journey with the piano when she was 8. She was raised as a classical pianist and has won state and national level awards from competitions. Her love for music allowed her to learn the flute, bassoon, cymbals, and marimba throughout her time at Oak Ridge High School. Skylar completed two semesters of piano performance at the University of Houston under Timothy Hester, but ultimately graduated with two degrees in Mathematics and Psychology. During her time in college, she realized her passion for teaching the next generation of musicians.

Outside of teaching, Skylar enjoys powerlifting and playing with her dog, Max. Skylar recently got married to her husband who is in the Air Force. She loves listening to and playing Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, and Yiruma, and can’t wait to help others grow in their love for the piano.