Divynah Fakhoury

Divynah is an experienced and trained voice teacher, singer, songwriter, music producer, and vocal engineer, and piano instructor that has been teaching everyone from beginners to celebrities for 15 years!

There is NO GENRE limitation with Divynah! She is a true master of helping you find YOUR unique voice and giving you tools to expand with more versatility, power and confidence then you knew you had! She will truly bring out the BEST performer in you, and make it fun in the process!

A little about what makes Divynah’s training and what makes her so effective:

She graduated with a BM in Vocal performance from a very competitive music program at UNCG, studying opera, jazz and musical theater. This is where she was trained by one of the best voice teachers in the country, as well as one of the best vocal therapists at UNC-Chapel Hill Voice Center in vocal health and pedagogy. She was methodically taught how to care for injured vocal cords and how to get them back to health, correct and healthy speaking habits, and even eliminating body tensions and habits that block you from letting your true potential while singing!

After her classical, jazz and theater training, she graduated and performed for a few years before she moved to LA and began apprenticing for some producers in the music industry that taught her how to song write, produce and engineer multiple popular music genres. (pop, rock, hiphop, folk, R&B, world, electronic, etc)

Divynah has years of experience and many happy clients all around the world. She helps others get real results fast, and training with her will shape your musicianship and transform you as a performer for life!

Here are some reviews from her clients:

Divynah is an amazing teacher. She has an uncanny gift for being able to draw out abilities from her students with a perfect combination of intuitive insight and scientific/physiological knowledge. My voice took on a new dimension under her guidance and continues to develop to this day. She’s such a positive person who really believes in you and makes you feel so comfortable. One lesson with her is the equivalent of five with another teacher. I only have the highest praise, she’s truly the best! And she can really blow too, so you know her advice is real!! -Kat A.

Divynah is an excellent t teacher. She is super clear, thorough and makes you feel incredibly comfortable. By the end of the session I was singing in a different way that I had never ever heard myself do before! Incredibly empowering. Highly recommend this amazing teacher! – Actress & Singer Marla Gibbs”