Eric Baugh

Originally from the sunshine state of Florida, Eric Baugh currently resides in the Playa Vista neighborhood of West Los Angeles. He is an experienced music teacher that has taught kids and adults of all ages including a recent position as a Recreation Instructor for the City of Los Angeles. Eric has a passion for working with different cultures, and has a solid background in teaching guitar, drums, and music theory. He is also a
professional musician and singer-songwriter with a Bachelor's Degree in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley. Furthermore, he studied music extensively in college including courses in sight-singing, guitar, music theory, and a year and a half performing with the UC Berkeley choir.

Eric’s teaching method focuses heavily on communication, guidance, and an understanding of music theory, rhythm, and good playing technique. In addition, he is a strong believer in positive reinforcement. Challenges are always going to surface. When this happens, it is important to focus on the student’s achievements, and build on this progression with patience and understanding.

In his spare time, Eric enjoys playing the guitar, drums, and singing. He also loves connecting with nature by hiking, spending time at the beach, and exploring the beautiful mountains and local destinations that California has to offer.