Valentina Huang

Valentina Qishan Huang is originally from China. She started her classical piano training when she was 7 years old. Besides speaking mandarin, Valentina is comfortable and good at speaking English as well, for which she has been staying in the United States for more than 5 years. Being a versatile musician, Valentina is not only devoted herself into classical music, but also into jazz, pop, church music and other genres. She finished her master in piano performance and pedagogy from the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University in 2021, following by her second master study in organ performance at Indiana University in the next two years. She has been award-winning prizers for several solo and concerto competitions. While loving to share her passions and stories through music, Valentina also craves to influence the next generation through music education. She firmly believes her unique role in passing the music torch. In teaching, she holds the principle of efficient teaching tailored for each student, under a supportive environment. Along with this musical journey, she wants her students to feel the joy of making music as she always does. In the meantime, she expects her students to grow not just as a musician, but more as an individual in the society. In Valentina’s leisure time, she entertains herself with some light music and sweet TV episodes.