Alex Denslow

Alex Denslow has lived in Austin, Texas for almost his entire life. It was here that Alex began his formative music education as an electric guitarist. He started writing songs at eleven years old, and needed to learn how to play guitar in order to make them better. He has studied under several music instructors, including Nick Rash, from a local band called ‘Neapolitan,’ and Brent Meyer, producer of Warrant’s most famous album, “Cherry Pie.” Alex performs with ensembles from his classes at Austin Community College, and he is starting up a band with three of his classmates. Alex’s teaching experience comes from mentoring his peers from past music schools. Alex works best with beginner students who are still learning the basics of guitar, but will also work with intermediate-level students. Age is a non-factor for Alex, as he has taught students as young as ten years old and some older than himself, and he’s learned that every musician has a starting point, whether it’s at age six or age sixteen. Alex teaches mostly rock styles, but will adapt to whatever style the student wants to learn how to play. His teaching philosophy is “productive fun.” He believes that students learn faster if their time is well spent, and learn better if they’re having fun. Today, Alex has written over fifty songs, with many more in progress. Alex hopes to someday tour the world with a rock band.