Alishan Gezgin

An avid teacher and lifelong performer, Alishan holds a Master’s degree from Yale University in Music Composition and a Bachelor’s from Rice University, where he composed works for solo instruments, choirs, orchestras, and chamber ensembles of all kinds. He has performed extensively as a pianist, both alone and as chamber musician, and as an accompanist for vocalists and musical productions.

Whether working with students on their technique and musicality at the piano, exploring music theory at the keyboard, or workshopping compositions with student composers and songwriters, Alishan emphasizes an attitude of curiosity and playfulness. He believes music should open doors to greater confidence and self-expression, and loves nothing more than watching his students expand their horizons and find their stride in their chosen practice.

Alishan strives to make piano playing more than just a matter of technique and repetition, using his experience as a composer to foster a deep understanding of the foundational principles that underpin nearly all the music we know and love. For students who express interest, he loves to expand on those ideas and get his students composing and improvising alongside their performance goals, cultivating dynamic and versatile musicians at any level.