Anthony Edwards

Anthony grew up learning about music, starting around the age of 7. He would sit at a piano and try to figure out melodies by trial and error, usually pecking through to the end of the song. He wanted to learn more about music. Upon entering the 4th grade, he joined the elementary school band program, playing the clarinet.

In the 7th grade, Anthony began taking piano lessons under Gregory Price, and then Ellen G Dill. He also began singing in the 7th grade, as well, which continued throughout high school and into college. He also was a member of the Concert Choir, Acapella Choir and Concert Band at Arroyo Grande High School.

Anthony toured with a group of singers and instrumentalists called the Continentals when he was in high school and college. That experience took him to Europe and across Canada and the US in the span of 4 summers, performing one concert nightly, and sometimes as many as three a day. Upon entrance to Azusa Pacific University, Anthony was on a music scholarship and was a member of the Male Chorale, Oratorio Choir and the University Choir, as well as a small group that went out into the community representing the university several times a month.

After graduation, Anthony began a teaching career in the self- contained classroom teaching 3rd Grade, but since has taught every elementary grade except Kindergarten and 4th Grades. In 1996, he began a new phase of teaching – teaching MUSIC in overseas international schools, which took him to Thailand, Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan, and most recently China.

Anthony enjoys working with students to realize their potential to make music and become lifelong learners of music! He has experience in teaching music and in motivating students to learn how to be confident in their skills and abilities!