Bekah Thompson

Bekah Thompson is a freelance performer and a private teacher based in the Twin Cities. Although violin is her main instrument and primary focus, Bekah enjoys singing and creating music with friends.
After deciding to play the violin at age five, Bekah has continued to pursue music throughout her entire life. After graduating from high school, she went on to pursue a bachelors degree in General Music from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul in 2013. During her time at Northwestern, Bekah taught violin, was orchestra president, and continued to grow in her love of music. After taking a few years off of school to pursue her passion for mission work and volunteering around the world, she will complete her degree in the fall of 2019.
Bekah’s mission in teaching violin is for the students to grow in the love and appreciation for music, and to become well-rounded in playing the violin. She believes that with each student, there needs to be a unique approach in the teaching method to provide the best understanding for her students.