Betsy Clair Cummings

Betsy Cummings was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. She has been playing music of all kinds since she was just a preschooler, with her family of musicians! Her primary instruments are the cello and the acoustic guitar, but she also teaches beginning strings and piano. After playing music in high school and college, Betsy assisted in teaching strings at the high school level, followed by several years of private instruction. She also plays music with friends all throughout the city. She is into the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Pentatonix, and the Beatles. Betsy‘s favorites include music from Christina Brehm, The Up and Cummings, and Diane Persellin. Betsy graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, and furthered her education at Chicago’s Second City Improv Conservatory. She later returned to teaching music in Texas, totalling about 10 years of teaching thus far.
Betsy wants to teach you how to play anything from Beethoven to Taylor Swift, and if you want to learn about composition all along the way, the two of you can learn to play YOUR music! 🙂 She likes to incorporate as much music into the lessons as possible, she will play along with you… and teach you to sing if you’d like!