Brett Barrow

Brett Barrow is a Professional Guitarist/Music Teacher located in Los Angeles, California. He plays and teaches a variety of styles including Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Blues, Pop. Some popular subjects and techniques Brett teaches include Music Theory, Ear Training, Improvisation and Song Analyzation, Reading Music Notation, Benson Picking Technique, Wes Montgomery Thumb Technique and Guitar Chord Melody Approaches to name a few. 

Brett attended the University of North Texas(Denton) and Berklee College of Music(Boston), each for two years (2008-2012). He graduated from Berklee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Performance/ProMusic. While in school he became heavily influenced by George Benson and Wes Montgomery which led Brett to study with guitarist Richie Hart. He also spent a year as a member of the Funk and Soul/PFunk ensemble led by Lenny Stallworth (RH Factor member) – studying Jazz and Funk, as well as numerous other genres with additional instructors including Livingston Taylor.