Christopher Devito

Christopher Devito resides in the LA/OC area, where his guitar playing began as an 11 year old student taking conventional lessons, living in the growing community of Diamond Bar. Now at the age of 21, Chris spends a vast amount of time playing with a live band, and in the studio working on his first solo album which embodies fast guitar playing in a melodic approach.
Whether his students prefer conventional or unconventional takes on the learning process, Chris will remove the mystical veil that enshrouds music theory in its entirety. Although Christopher’s lesson regiment is essentially designed for the intermediate and advanced players, his teachings lay an excellent foundation for the beginner player who may have just picked up the guitar for the first time. Chris feels that there are only two kinds of music; music that moves YOU, and music that doesn’t.
“Tell me what moves YOU, and we’ll take it to the stars and back”
                     -Christopher Devito     😀