Courtney Thompson

Courtney Thompson is originally from the Texas panhandle and has been playing piano for 25 years and started singing before that. She started private piano lessons at age six and writing her own music at the age of thirteen. She studied Music at West Texas A&M University and made the Varsity Chorale her freshman year. During college, she also participated in musical theatre, music theory, private vocal lessons, and dance. In her past, she has played accompaniment for various musicians and choirs, taught vocal and piano lessons, and has had numerous live performances in cover bands and performing original music. After graduating college with a Business Administration degree, she moved from Texas to Denver, CO in 2012 to study Audio Engineering at Silo Sounds Studio, alongside her mentor, Nick Sullivan (The Keep Recording Studio and Consonance Productions). Her dream to create her own album is currently coming to fruition and is expected to be available to the public mid 2021.
Courtney’s niche and guarantee is to think outside of the box when teaching in order to make stronger connections, inspire, and promote self-confidence. Her professional career in the corporate financial culture has afforded her the opportunities to train and teach a melting pot of demographics, on simple to extremely complex topics, from Zumba all the way to Accounting Data Software transfers. Her love of mathematics is a driving force in her knowledge of music theory and has helped her excel in many areas, such as transposing music. Her awareness of the individual spirit in everyone she meets, is a driving force in her desire to teach and inspire. She takes joy in the realization people not only excel and thrive in various ways, but also learn and think differently from one person to the next.