Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez is from San Antonio Texas, where his violin career began. He spent his formative years at north east school of the arts, studying under Mark Twehues. During this Time Daniel conducted musicals and finished/performed his first full orchestra compositions. Such as les miserable, cats, chess, and rewriting the tempest After high school Daniel attended Santa Fe university of art and design, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in contemporary music. With a focus on improvisation and recording technologies. During his college years Daniel performed in african drum, balkan, jazz, funk, and acoustic americana ensembles. Currently Daniel has over 8 years of private lesson experience, with ages ranging from 5 to 50 years old! Daniels’ teaching style is solely dependent on the student. Daniel believes everyone learns differently and knows that there is more than one way to learn.weather its Strict rigorous musical training or just wanting to learn your favorite modern songs and have some fun. Daniel is the teacher for you!