Emmanuelle Bourdeau

Emmanuelle Bourdeau began violin lessons at the age of eight and has been playing ever since. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Lee University, where she studied violin with Weiyi Yu. This degree has sharpened her instrumental skills by giving her a furnished background and understanding of the musical realm. Ms. Bourdeau has been playing and studying violin for about twenty years. She has been able to teach music to several schools to a diverse group of young and adult students. Her teaching experience also includes performing with students in front of large audiences several times per year. She is able to provide well-round skill sets and technics as a violin music teacher. Teaching materials include the Suzuki and the Essential Elements method books as well as etudes by Flesh, Gardiner, kreutzer, Mazas, and Whistler. And as a teacher, Ms. Bourdeau is passionate about providing performance opportunities in both solo and chamber music settings in the goal of creating well-rounded musicians.