Eric Cureno

Eric Cureño is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, composer and ethnomusicologist with a concentration on Arabic and Balkan music. Eric’s attraction to world music began at Santa Fe University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He received his BFA in contemporary music with an emphasis on ethnomusicology in 2016. Eric has participated in many world music and contemporary music ensembles ranging from African drumming, Latin American, Gamelan, Arabic, Jazz and Metal groups. He directed the United World College Latin Ensemble in Las Vegas, NM in 2016-2017.  Eric has also collaborated with the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museums for the Smithsonian Latino Center. Eric is a very versatile instrumentalist who is proficient in many popular genres such as rock, pop, classical and metal.  He is currently a second-year master’s student at Arizona State University where he will be receiving his MA in ethnomusicology with an emphasis on computational ethnomusicology. In addition to guitar, Eric also teaches bass, ukulele and piano.