Eric Pawloski

Eric Pawloski has played everywhere across the world from Italy to Las Vegas and beyond! Eric was born and raised in Phoenix AZ where he started playing guitar his freshman year of high school.  While in school he competed in world wide competitions where his ensembles won 1st gold each year.  He also won a trophy for being the most expressive in his solo literature.

Eric is currently a student at Glendale Community College where he is studying to earn his degree in Music Education.  When he started college he took lessons from an amazing teacher named Chuck Hulihan.  Together they visited middle schools in the valley to teach kids proper technique and answer any questions they might have. He has also studied and taken master classes with GFA winner Xavier Jara,  Roland Dyen, Andrew York, Chris B Jacome, Grisha Goryachev,  Francisco J. Muñoz, and Frank Koons.  He recently traveled to Florida to play an original song from a Netflix film called Godless.  Eric currently performs in the GCC guitar ensemble and teaches guitar and voice lessons to private students.