Evan Butler

Evan Butler began playing the saxophone in elementary school, and it did not take long for him to decide that he wanted to do so for a living; he knew he would pursue it for the rest of his life. He went to McGill University for jazz performance (bachelor’s) and William Paterson (master’s) both on the saxophone, though he had already begun teaching himself the drums, piano, and guitar. His interests are multi-faceted: on the one hand he has an uncontestable passion for jazz music, which has always been his main academic subject. He has maintained a rival passion for indie folk/rock music and has been writing his own songs (on guitar and piano) for about ten years now. 

Furthermore, he is one semester away from completing his Master’s in Music Education at UMass Lowell, where he has been introduced jaw-dropping, progressive theories on education that have endless applications here as a tutor as well as in everyday life. Though partial to music theory and reading notation, Evan caters to the interests and needs of the individual students, because these things, while helpful, are not mandatory for satisfying musical experiences. He also believes that it is best to allow for the integration of the musical tastes of the student, who will be encouraged to share her or his interests and ideas. His strengths are composition, improvisation, and music theory/arranging; therefore, he would be a good fit for an aspiring singer-songwriter, or jazz/pop musician, as well as classical and rock, etc. He believes in keeping the lessons fresh and stress-free, for if it isn’t fun, something needs tweaking. Lastly, he is friendly and good with people- both adults and kids.