Gabriel Potts

Gabriel Potts was born in Lemont Illinois and was raised by the radio. Whether it be a car radio or a battery powered handheld, Gabriel was always listening to music. It wasn’t until his freshman year of highschool that he finally picked up the guitar. Never expecting that playing guitar would be more than a hobby, Gabriel never took any lessons and was completely self-taught before his admittance into The University of Illinois at Chicago School of Theatre and Music. Gabriel has been able to study and learn under many world renowned musicians, professors, and the opportunity to perform with such musicians. As a self-taught musician, Gabriel understands the common pitfalls and frustrations that come with learning an instrument and will design specific lessons for each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Gabriel’s lessons focus on students’ enjoyment and understanding of musical concepts to ensure that students are willing and able to practice on their own, students who enjoy their music, play their music.