Ian Zamora

Ian Zamora raised in central Orange County, the city of Santa Ana. His love for music took off at the age of 12, when he started studying classical guitar under Vasil Chekardzhikov at the Orange County School of The Arts. He has participated in numerous college competitions, accomplishing 1st overall. All while taking master classes with notable musicians including Pepe Romero, Roland Dyens, Martha Masters and William Kanengiser from the Grammy winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.  Ian also achieved a substantial offer for a scholarship from Vanguard University of Southern California to study classical guitar and Jazz bass. With this opportunity, Vanguard allowed Ian travel and display his talent. He performed a concert in San Juan. As well as Argentina with the guitar program, to present at a classical guitar festival hosted by the local conservatory, and Nevada to compete in the Reno jazz competition.

Ian has taught group lessons with a variety of ages from as young as five to high schoolers. Since then, Ian’s passion for music never ceased. He is on the pursuit of becoming a songwriter in pop music. He is currently attending Orange Coast College studying music education. Ian is in two bands, playing bass in his band, “The Jetties” which is based out of Costa Mesa, California. But one band wasn’t enough he craved more. Ian branched out with the lead singer of this band and went on to start a nu-disco group called “Ian and Eric Show”.  He plays and records the keyboard, bass, and drum kit. Ian is a versatile musician with talent, patience and passion.