Jarod Fedele

Jarod Fedele (born July 15, 1998) is a composer, arranger, transcriber, and performer from the Los Angeles area. He has a particular fascination with the genres of progressive rock and metal, though appreciates and applies his interests in all forms of music including electronic, orchestral, choral, and chamber music.
Fedele has released one double-album of original progressive rock music, much of which was written when he was a teenager. He is currently writing a second album which heavily involves the orchestra fused with a progressive rock band. He is also co-writing a jazz fusion album, as well as producing and recording an orchestral metal album as a multi-instrumentalist.
A graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara’s College of Creative Studies music composition program, Fedele holds the University Award with Distinction for outstanding contributions to music within the UC Santa Barbara community. He has led orchestras, played in a variety of ensembles, and took the role of Music Director for a variety of productions including jazz concerts, rock concerts, and musicals.