Julia Oftedal

Julia Oftedal is a 23 year old singer/songwriter and self taught piano player born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.
Growing up Julia loved playing music and performing on stage. She also loved how she could express her emotions in music.

When Julia was 13 years old she decided to learn how to play piano by looking at Youtube videos of how to play her favorite songs.  A big help for her when it came to getting better at playing piano was learning music theory which she started to learn in 7th grade. It has been a big help for her developing her piano skills.  When Julia was 14 years old she wrote her first song and haven’t stopped writing ever since.

Julia got accepted to a music school in 7th grade and eventually graduated high school with a music degree. Her inspiration in music comes from various artists, such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Sara Bareilles.

Julia’s passion for music took her all the way to LA where she studied at Los Angeles College of Music for an associate degree with a major in Songwriting.  While at college she helped tutor her fellow students in both music theory and piano.  She also played piano for several of her fellow students at their showcases while at college.She graduated in March 2021 and is now in Nashville pursuing her dream.