Kaela Swinson

Kaela Swinson’s music journey originated out of a small town in Southern Indiana. At age 15, she started teaching piano to students of all ages out of her mother’s music studio called “Music House.” While being employed for Music House, she also acted as production assistant in teaching stage presence and performance preparedness for students both privately and in group voice lessons.

After graduating high school, she left her Indiana roots and moved to Virginia for college in August 2015. Kaela studied music pedagogy and vocal performance at private liberal arts college, Southern Virginia University, for two years. While studying in college, she performed in multiple community and college choirs. Kaela finished her degree in Education with her concentration in music pedagogy in December 2018 with Liberty University.

Kaela is a strong mezzo soprano with her vocal talent specifically groomed for musical theatre performance 10 years before going on to college. While in college, she received classical training for two years as well as receiving further training on how to better assist aspiring musicians such as herself so that she can spread the art form of music to her future pupils.

In May 2019, Kaela, her husband, and their two cats, moved across country to Texas in hopes of furthering her dreams in the music community. She earnestly sought out career opportunities in the music field and started out volunteering as her church’s music director and choir maestro.

To this day, Kaela has big dreams for San Antonio in performing for the community musical theatre and hopes to take the city by storm with her talents. While teaching her students, she hopes to help them express themselves in the music and theatrical arts and grow to be blossoming musicians so that they too can become fearless in spreading the joy of music.